Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Trilogy or Sequel? My personal preference is a sequel. Sometimes a storyline can expand too far, or get lost in a Trilogy. Am I right?

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Half-way through the final book in the wonderful Amitav Ghosh trilogy, Flood of Fire (2015).  The first book in The Ibis Trilogy, Sea of Poppies, was published back in 2008, and the second instalment River of Smoke in 2011.  And no wonder, each book is very lengthy with intricate detail of life back in the mid to late nineteenth century during the Opium Wars in the South China Seas. The main characters, thrown togeather initially on the Ibis, are from different parts of India, and the first book describes their perilous journey, and their fate, unknown to each other until the final edition.  Ghosh’s use of ‘pidgin English’ as spoken during the Empire’s occupation is difficult to take in at first, coupled with a dialogue of old Indian dialects, could put off many a reader. But do persevere because as each of the characters take shape you are drawn into their lives and adventures during this bold, dangerous but colourful period in India’s and the Empire’s history. 5 Stars
Enjoyed very much this sequel, Prodigy of Evil from musician and author, Mike Rabin.  Intense crime gangland thriller crossing generations as well as oceans.  Still to read (the wrong way around) the first book, Killing Goliath. @mike_rabin

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Hello, and welcome, again, to my Books Blog

I tried starting a Blog a few years back, but being new to ‘social media’ and ‘networking’, I wasn't very successful with it. Now, three years on and with three published novels under my belt, I thought it time to give it another try; having been advised its ‘what all authors do’.

Quick background about me:
I live in Surrey, England, and have been married to Carol for forty-two years. We have two wonderful daughters, Nicole and Lindsay and my first two books are dedicated to each of them.
Columbus Day took over five years to complete but I was still working full time then, and being the first book, the 'learning curve' was longer than I had expected. That, coupled with researching places and events, I managed to launch the Columbus Day on Amazon Kindle in early 2012.
I started my second romantic mystery, The Letter, in 2011 and launched that on Kindle in 2013.
Why did I start writing? Good question. It is said we all have a book in us, and I believe that to be true; it's just a case of deciding what type of book; fiction or non-fiction, personal or public, modern or historical.
I don't think I could have written these two books, and the others I have started, when I was in my twenties - I did not have any 'life experience'. I had not travelled far and certainly did not possess the imaginary skills authors have for creating a credible story.
I found 'story-lines' forming in my mind from my own life experiences, which have helped me structure my novels. I am not saying all the events in these stories relate to me personally, but they are formed from a timeline that exists and is weaved through people and places I have known throughout my seventy years on this Earth.

My website, will give you a synopsis of each of my novels, together with links to each retail outlet.

My latest work - launched 1st February 2017 in UK Paperback format, is available from all UK retailers as well as on-line stores.

Nothing Is Sacrosanct is a departure in style and subject matter from the first two ‘romantic’ stories, depicting a dark and sensual side to the central character, as well as a murderous one. Just to give you a flavour, this forms part of my press release;
“Nothing Is Sacrosanct - No one can hide from their sins forever - is an adult fiction account of a man who was abused as a child during the last war. His ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ existence from being brought to England in 1946 through to the final pages in 2003, documents a series of murdering, gruesome and passionate scenarios that will capture your imagination and understanding of his tormented soul.”

I hope you will find time to read and comment, honestly, on these books, as all authors need reviews - good or indifferent - to know if what we are doing is worthwhile.

Do email me if you want to discuss anything related to my stories.