Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Hello, and welcome, again, to my Books Blog

I tried starting a Blog a few years back, but being new to ‘social media’ and ‘networking’, I wasn't very successful with it. Now, three years on and with three published novels under my belt, I thought it time to give it another try; having been advised its ‘what all authors do’.

Quick background about me:
I live in Surrey, England, and have been married to Carol for forty-two years. We have two wonderful daughters, Nicole and Lindsay and my first two books are dedicated to each of them.
Columbus Day took over five years to complete but I was still working full time then, and being the first book, the 'learning curve' was longer than I had expected. That, coupled with researching places and events, I managed to launch the Columbus Day on Amazon Kindle in early 2012.
I started my second romantic mystery, The Letter, in 2011 and launched that on Kindle in 2013.
Why did I start writing? Good question. It is said we all have a book in us, and I believe that to be true; it's just a case of deciding what type of book; fiction or non-fiction, personal or public, modern or historical.
I don't think I could have written these two books, and the others I have started, when I was in my twenties - I did not have any 'life experience'. I had not travelled far and certainly did not possess the imaginary skills authors have for creating a credible story.
I found 'story-lines' forming in my mind from my own life experiences, which have helped me structure my novels. I am not saying all the events in these stories relate to me personally, but they are formed from a timeline that exists and is weaved through people and places I have known throughout my seventy years on this Earth.

My website, www.davidbalaam-books.co.uk will give you a synopsis of each of my novels, together with links to each retail outlet.

My latest work - launched 1st February 2017 in UK Paperback format, is available from all UK retailers as well as on-line stores.

Nothing Is Sacrosanct is a departure in style and subject matter from the first two ‘romantic’ stories, depicting a dark and sensual side to the central character, as well as a murderous one. Just to give you a flavour, this forms part of my press release;
“Nothing Is Sacrosanct - No one can hide from their sins forever - is an adult fiction account of a man who was abused as a child during the last war. His ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ existence from being brought to England in 1946 through to the final pages in 2003, documents a series of murdering, gruesome and passionate scenarios that will capture your imagination and understanding of his tormented soul.”

I hope you will find time to read and comment, honestly, on these books, as all authors need reviews - good or indifferent - to know if what we are doing is worthwhile.

Do email me if you want to discuss anything related to my stories. info@davidbalaam-books.co.uk

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